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Launch Your Cyber Security Career with an AISA Scholarship

The AISA Scholarship Program is committed to fostering diversity within the cyber security field, making a significant impact on the lives of those from disadvantaged and/or under-represented backgrounds and communities. We believe in breaking down barriers to entry and creating opportunities for all.

Embark on an exciting path towards a fulfilling career in cyber security with the AISA Scholarship Program, designed to support your studies at a university or TAFE. We're proud to offer scholarships specifically tailored for students passionate about diving into the world of cyber security.

We invite Australian citizens who align with any of the following criteria to apply:

  • women, or
  • person of Indigenous Australian descent or
  • disadvantaged  (Disadvantage encompasses a range of evidenced barriers to achievement, including but not limited to, a disability, a neurodiversity disadvantage such as diagnosed learning disabilities, and social, economic or opportunity disadvantage e.g. financial hardship, rural/remoteness, etc)

and are enrolled or planning to enrol full-time and expecting to continue in full time study of cyber security or cyber privacy as part of a relevant a degree, diploma or certificate-granting course at a government-run TAFE or government-run University in Australia

Take the first step towards a rewarding career by applying through our scholarship portal. This is your chance to start a significant chapter in your life, opening doors to endless possibilities in the cyber security sector.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for people who show:

  • a genuine enthusiasm for some aspect of cyber security or cyber privacy
  • leadership
  • initiative, resourcefulness or a strong work ethic
  • curiosity by nature
  • achievement, in academic or other areas

We recognise that those who experience disadvantage may not always be able to excel in their academic marks. Achievement may be in academic performance but may also be represented by achievement in other ways and our evaluation committee will consider these as well.

You must also:

  • meet the eligibility criteria
  • receive an acceptance into a public TAFE or University degree or certification to study cyber security or cyber privacy*
  • provide a personal statement, academic transcript, CV and 2 recommendations

*You do not have to have this at this time of application. However, you need to show us you are applying to such a program of study, and you will have to have an acceptance before any scholarship can begin.

How to apply steps

1. Check entry requirements

Our scholarships cater for students from all walks of life, from those experiencing hardship to those achieving academic excellence. If you fit into any of the following criteria, you can apply

  • women, or
  • person of Indigenous Australian descent or
  • disadvantaged 

2. Check what supporting documents you need

You will need to submit supporting documents with your scholarship application. Different documents are required depending on your eligibility criteria. For more information click here

3. Check how to apply

We’ll ask you to submit your application via the application form on this site. To apply, click Login with AISA

4. Check scholarship closing dates

Make a note in your calendar to submit your application on time. If you are a current Year 12 student you don’t need to wait until you receive your ATAR to apply.